Begin the Journey

“It’s about the journey not the destination.”  Holding My Breath – Letters to the Father I Never Met (excerpt)

Imagining the analogy of a freeway – plan your journey to wholeness. Before beginning any trip it helps to answer this question first: Do you want to go? Hurting, we can feel stuck. Often our misery is comfortable – it’s what we know. Are you willing to be uncomfortable sometimes?  Will this trip bring more meaning into your life? Are you willing to do the work? Now that you’ve made your decision you can keep on reading, or go have a cup of coffee and think about it.

Going on any kind of trip takes time and energy. You decide how long it takes you to reach your destination, or goal. But making this journey a priority will help you get there sooner? On the trip we’ll look at exploring our thoughts/beliefs, emotions, behaviors/actions, social life, spiritual well-being and physical strength.

When we’re struggling life can feel overwhelming. Hopelessness can freeze us from action. Everything seems so big we don’t know where to start. Like any journey, we’ll begin where we’re at right now.  We know that breaking long journeys down into smaller parts makes it more manageable. So we’re going to use my acronym F-R-E-E-W-A-Y to direct our 7 Steps to Wholeness.

FREEWAY: The 7 Steps to Wholeness

F – Feel

R – Remind

E – Enter

E – Expectation

W – Wish

A – Always

Y – Yield


WARNING: If you’ve experienced a traumatic event(s), or are currently in danger call 911 and report it to the authorities in your area. Get immediate help from a mental health professional (counselor, psychotherapist, psychologist, social-worker). Using the 7 Steps to Wholeness is not a replacement for professional psychotherapy. You can use it in addition to seeing a professional.