Step 6 – ALWAYS

“The family systems theory I’ve been referring to throughout my letters follows what’s referred to as “general systems theory.” It looks at families as a “living system.” Every system needs a coherent structure to survive. That’s why routine and consistency are important,” Holding My Breath – Letters to the Father I Never Met, excerpt

Always is the 6th step on our journey to wholeness. Always denotes consistency, at all times. We’re always breathing, our hearts are pumping our mind is thinking, the earth is spinning and time is passing. Always. It’s like the sign on the freeway that says “Minimum Speed 40mph”.  There’s continual encouragement to keep the pace on the freeway.

Psychological Aspect

Neurologically trauma can obstruct our life lens. A propensity to look at what’s broken can blind us from what’s working. We know that what we spend the most time looking at gets bigger. Human beings are elegantly designed. Five domains are intricately woven together creating the beauty we always possess.

  1. Physical – Most of us are gifted with hands give care to others, eyes looking ahead and feet moving us forward.
  2. Psychological/Emotional – Elegance expressed through the internal workings of our hearts and minds.
  3. Social – We’re made for having authentic relationships with one another.
  4. Environmental – Our bodies and minds are made to thrive in peace.
  5. Spiritual – Human beings are designed to walk in the way, the truth and the light receiving the peace it brings.

We always reflect these attributes. Each area exists whether we acknowledge it or not. Our well-being increases when each of these five domains finds balance. The health of each part creates an experience of peace, love and satisfaction. Individuals desire this because it’s what we’re made for.

Compensation exists in us, due to our elegant design. When one of our areas is weak another area compensates for it. However if an area is ignored over a period of time it depletes the others. This is when we feel emotionally thin. Fragile we’re more likely to indulge in behaviors that create deeper feelings of despair.


Plants thrive having healthy soil, fresh water and sunshine. When one of these areas is distressed it affects the health of the entire plant. Each area needs attention to flourish.

Like the universe each planet is dependent upon another. If one were to slow down, or speed up the others would be drastically affected. The magnificence of the universe is the harmony it expresses.

Wholeness is like a brilliant symphony. When one area hasn’t practiced it affects the clear sounds intended by its composer.

Action Step

Engage in activities, relate to others, find meaning and accomplish something you’ve always wanted to – you deserve it!

Horse Power

Horses are prey animals. Their senses are heightened. Sounds, sight and touch are hyper alert. Balance of mind, body, spirit increases when we stay in the moment. Being with horses brings people into the moment. Touching the horse, closing our eyes, sensing the rhythm of our breathing, hearing the birds moves people into the present. Being in the moment is always available to us. Horses are always in the moment for self-preservation. Being in the moment increases our feelings of fulfillment in life and decreases anxiety.