“Dana has a rare and gracious inner beauty that blesses every person she meets. Her personal experiences, having been shared with others have made a huge impact. Her message to COYFC Teen Moms has Deeply change the lives of many young mothers through the word of Christ! ”

Judi C.
Central Ohio Youth for Christ,  Columbus, Ohio

An Advocate

Dana Kasper, writer of Holding My Breath – Letters to the Father I Never Met, is a speaker, a licensed professional counselor in the United States, a psychotherapist in Montreal, Quebec and a Canadian Certified Counselor. She is passionate about speaking to adults and teens that have experienced abuse and neglect – especially sexual abuse.   Abuse left untreated leads to a lifetime of pain. Trying to diminish the hurt people often indulge in excessive use of alcohol, food, and/or drugs. Increasing a person’s self-awareness they discover patterns, behaviors and beliefs leading to angry and anxious emotions. When Dana speaks, she helps individuals realize and breakthrough patterns which keep them stuck and experience a greater sense of self-satisfaction resulting from a reduction in angry and anxious thoughts and behaviors.


Please invite Dana today to share the hope she has with others.  Contact Dana on our Contact Us page.

Presentation:  F.R.E.E.W.A.Y-  A Journey Toward Peace, Love and Satisfaction

Dana’s presentation, F.R.E.E.W.A.Y.- A Journey Toward Peace, Love and Satisfaction, will help many have a greater understanding of how undesired emotions (ie: anger and anxiety) impact their physical and emotional well-being. Dana will walk the audience through her 7-Step Self-Help Study-F.R.E.E.W.A.Y. giving people the opportunity to explore steps towards overcoming the things that keep them stuck.


Presentation:  No More Secrets – Finding Courage for Coping with Abuse and Neglect

The statistics are that 1 in 3 women in the United States and 1 in 4 women in Canada have experienced sexual abuse. And neglect is on the rise. If you have not experienced abuse or neglect you probably know someone who has. They may be sitting next to you right now. It’s often kept secret due to the stigma in society about abuse and neglect. We have the opportunity to make a difference in our life, or someone else’s. In this teaching Dana shares her professional knowledge. She educates survivors or those that know someone that has, on the neurological, emotional and spiritual effects of abuse and neglect and the hope her faith brings.

Presentation:  Holes in our Hearts – Discovering a Path for Healing

Depression effects millions of people today in the US and Canada. Often it is described as a feeling of deep emptiness. This may be from hurt we’ve experienced. This pain can feel like we have holes in our hearts. Each hole might represent a degrading word, or traumatic incident. She integrates how Scripture supports psychology. So come and learn how to fill the holes in your heart by applying psychological and spiritual strategies for healing.

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