Step 3 – ENTER

“The holes in my heart were still there, but they were primed for building and restoration,” Holding My Breath – Letters to the Father I Never Met, excerpt

This action word directs us towards movement. To enter means we’re leaving something behind. Right now you’re getting ready to enter a new place on your journey. The mile marker on the freeway is telling you you’re getting closer to your goal. Yea! What are the mile markers of wholeness for you? To enter wholeness you’ll need to know what it looks like.

Psychological Aspect

Guided imagery is often used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Research is growing on the power of our imagination. Children use their imagination all the time. One minute they’re a doctor and the next they’re acting like a dinosaur. This therapy is often used with cancer patients. Harnessing our imagination we can lay out a type of blue print in our minds. By doing so our actions follow.


Michael Phelps, Olympic Swimmer uses imagery. In one of his most notable events his goggles came off as he dove into the water. But, he still managed to win the race and take the gold. How? Imagination therapy. He imagined that swim so many times he knew it by heart. He imagined how many strokes to the end of the pool and back. It was imprinted in his brain. Likewise, we can do the same thing.

Action Step

Congratulations! Just by imagining what wholeness is to you – you’ve created neural pathways in your brain that have increased the wholeness you desire. You’re cruising.

Horse Power

Falling off a horse at age 6 always made me fearful of these 1000-pound animals. Flying to Texas for training to use horses on the ground to help others, my anxiety increased. My imagination created scenes of me getting trampled by the horse(s). In contrast, my experience was profound. We can use our imaginations for good, or harm. How do you use yours?