The Event:  RESTORING     

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Are you’re feeling stuck? Changing patterns that don’t work is difficult. Sometimes we’re blind to the patterns that hurt us. If you want this year to look different join us for a day retreat called, Restoring. Hiding hurt prevents healing. Sexual abuse, childhood hardship, and other traumas increase emotional pain. Maybe you haven’t experienced abuse, but choices in the past have created a wall of shame and guilt around your heart. The wall stops others from getting too close. So relationships are always stressful. No wonder we’re feeling overwhelmed. Spending too much time in our sweats, and not enough time doing what we love, whatever that is. Feeling empty we escape (or we think we do). Finding our silent friends in movies, media, food and drinking or drugs we indulge – often more than we want to. But, we can’t stop. Even though we know it doesn’t stop the pain, we can’t stop. And we feel like everyone can see our feelings. Want to move on from past hurts and be happy? Then come. Hear the truth. Discover healing from the inside out. See more of your inner beauty as you begin feeling Restored on the journey to wholeness.

Dana Kasper has a passion for helping those that have experienced trauma, or those that have made choices that have brought pain in their hearts. Dana’s personal and psychological prospective as a survivor of abandonment and trauma provides authentic insight into the reality of what healing really looks like and how we can attain it by encouraging each other on the journey. Relax in this warm and safe environment as we get on the freeway to wholeness by restoring the beauty of our lives.