Step 5 – WISH

“That’s the cool thing about dreaming. It seems so far away. Then, once it comes a step closer, you begin to see it take shape,” Holding My Breath – Letters to the Father I Never Met, excerpt

Wishing is our fifth step. Have you been around small children talking about their birthdays? They are excited. That’s because they’re wishing for things to come. Remember the song When you Wish Upon a Star? It doesn’t matter who or what you are. Think of anything your hear desires. Wishes demonstrate hope. Wishing creates movement. Wishing is like reading travel brochures choosing a vacation destination. You begin wishing about the things you want to do and experience. What’s in your travel brochure?

Psychological Aspect

There’s a question we use in counseling sometimes – it goes like this. If you made a wish tonight before you went to sleep and woke up tomorrow morning with that wish fulfilled what would be different? Allowing ourselves the space to wish is something we’re created for. It’s how we reach our potential. We’re each made for a specific purpose. If we fail to dream we’ll never find it. People that have experienced trauma or neglect are often so busy just trying to survive they haven’t given themselves the privilege to consider what they might wish for. Now you can.


Three people founded the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Their non-profit makes dreams come true every year for thousands of children around the world that are suffering. These three people wished for something to benefit others. Wishing creates our reality. What do you want your reality to look like?

Action Step

Horse Power

My anxiety was so high sitting on a horse I had ot get on and off aobut 10 times in a few minutes. That was progress. Why put myself through that? Because my dream is to ride a horse. Sometimes are dreams create fear inside. This often freezes us from moving forward in relationships and jobs. It’s just too scary. When we face our fears our brain shifts. New neural pathways are created. The next time you sit on a horse, or go for a job interview it won’t be so hard. And, the result is we feel great about ourselves because we didn’t stay in the same rut. We broke out of the cell we made for ourselves. That’s the best feeling in the world. So dream big and wish for the stars!