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The Beautiful Event Series:  Healing from the Inside Out

As a survivor of childhood trauma I always looked at what I wasn’t instead of all that I was, my inner beauty. This is why I’ve created the Beautiful: Healing from the Inside Out, a three part event series. Society tells us to “man up.” That we should just “get over it.” They don’t understand that childhood sexual, emotional and physical abuse, neglect, abandonment, having an absentee or abusive father, or not knowing our father creates misery. It can feel like we have holes in our hearts. To fill up the emptiness, guilt and shame we often turn to toxic relationships, food and/or drugs and alcohol with no lasting satisfaction. Our culture spends so much advertising enforcing the lies that we need to be thin, young, good looking, smart, successful and have the latest iPhone to be happy. So we spend our precious energy trying to live up to the high expectations society silently places on us only to find ourselves depressed, overwhelmed and stressed out because we never meet them. We’re trained to look at all we don’t have instead of what we do have; like our inner beauty and the workings of our hearts and minds. These things no one can take away. But hurt and pain throw mud at the lens we look through. That’s why the view of ourselves, and the world is often distorted. It’s hard to see the truth, the truth of our inner beauty. Especially if we’re holding onto the lies we tell ourselves. This is why I’ve created the Beautiful: Healing from the Inside Out event series.

Each event in the Beautiful series will encompass a physical, emotional, social and spiritual overview of the healing process. The Restoring event will help to define behavior patterns that may be keeping you stuck. The Renewing event explores how to achieve self-acceptance and emotional regulation. Reviving will focus on strategies for having healthy relationships, with yourself and others. Each of these events will allow us the opportunity to see more of the beauty within ourselves. The more inner beauty I’ve accepted within myself, the more inner peace I’ve experienced. If you want to turn your suffering into success come join me in this safe environment where you can spend day relaxing and reflecting discovering more of the beauty that’s in you right now.

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The Beautiful Event Series is presented by Dana L. Kasper Licensed Professional Counselor (U.S.), Psychotherapist (Quebec), Canadian Certified Counselor (Canada), author, (Holding My Breath – Letter’s to the Father I Never Met available on Amazon) and equine assisted psychotherapist (counseling people with the help of horses). Dana founded Make Me Whole Enterprises for survivors of trauma to find hope and healing in the 7 Steps to Wholeness.

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Healing Workshop:  F.R.E.E.W.A.Y:  A Journey Towards Peace, Love, and Satisfaction

Saturday, February 11, 2017.  Westerville, OH.  For Tickets Click HERE.